Watch Me Now (feat. DiGi Valentine)

from by Dr. halc

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Yo I like this one man, this sounds sick though
Yo Doctor, turn me up son
Check me out bitches

I'm the kinda guy that would slide on up
And be like, "Hi, what's up?"
And they reply, "I like your tux but your tie sucks!"
And with the same tie I'll be tying them up and not giving five fucks
00-DiGits. Shaken and stirred
Get my kicks from things you'd find absurd
Depends what you heard, who was saying what to whom
And who was still alive after I cleared the room
Psychotic when I go renegade
Brandishing a blade with the points that I've made
Fuckers looking at me like, (clap clap) "Well played"
Competition ain't worthy, so dem'a fade
Sir, you have a telephone call
It's your girlfriend and she's had a nasty fall
Can you guess where she landed?
Right here where my hand is, damn it!

Kick back, or jump on the spot
Drink that little lemon drop shot
Lift that t-shirt if it's hot
Let us blaze on the track, let them know what's what
Rock sets with a flow and groove
Bop heads if you know it's smooth
And if you don't know, I got something to prove
Sit down and watch me move, watch me now

Ding! I just got a text from DiGi
Oh look, he snapped a pic of your girl's titties
Put down a sheet and paint the room red
I'ma turn heads, like blue meth
I'm like a lyrical Heisenberg
But that's a fact ya'll 'ready heard, right Perd?
Pull the knife out, he ain't gonna need it
His line already went cold from the bleeding
You've never met a tag-team like ours
Wait, you wanna pick a fight with the ZR?
Let me show you a cool trick first, come near
And watch closely as I make this pencil disappear!
(BOOM!) Why the serious face?
He had it coming man, gotta clear out the place
Wanna run with us? You must be fucked in the head
Watch the whole room drop. Yeah, yer dead


Yo Doc, where you at?
Yo, I'm scraping dry blood off the bottom of my sneakers, good chap
As a Doc I advise you keep your eyes locked
As we're steady rocking mics leaving you guys popped
Prize block, we on the top spot, the view from here is sick
And we won't be comin' down until the record's spun, bitches
This is how we do, spittin' on these fools
When we pass the mic in a tag team battle, we make the rules
(BLAOW!) Knocking motherfuckers out
For running mouths, we gonna make you suck it down
The Doc and the Bunny Man causing body bags
Got you wrapped in a gown of blood-stained rags
And I'll take my crown now, have your girl puttin' out screams so loud
You'd think Solid Snake got beat down
Riding your chick, Chun-Li thighs are quite thick
And she gave me full marks on the size of my dick
(God damn) Well that escalated quickly
I think DiGi may have even killed a guy
It might be wise to cover your kids' eyes and ears
I'ma down six beers and dual-wield garden shears
While halc appears with a bag, so take your pick
I'ma hustle these guys and sell 'em a sack of catnip
Scratch the itch with a cap that won't miss
Watch us, we're the last thing you see before you drop, bitch!


Watch me now, motherfucker
Watch me now, motherfucker
DiGi Valentine
Motherfuckers watch this
Check me out, son


from The Doctor Is IN, released January 19, 2015
Dr. halc - Composer, Producer, Song Writer (Verse 2, co-writer on Verse 3), Vocalist (Verse 2, Chorus)
DiGi Valentine - Song Writer & Vocalist (Verse 1, Chorus, co-writer on Verse 3)



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