by halc

Sakura Blend 03:57
Let's run away, just the two of us babe I am yours and you are mine, can't get you off of my mind When I'm with you I belong, when you hold me I am strong Our love's paving the way to a brighter new day Open your eyes, it's time to see the possibilities The world around you reminds you of what could be So shake off the blues and kick off your shoes, cause happiness is waiting Relive the best of times you've had in your life I'll stand and wait as long as it takes I'll be here, I'm always gonna be near In rain or shine, this love of mine will still keep on burning You stole my heart without a warning Head says "go slow," but my heart just says "go" Can't hold back anymore, feelings I can't ignore In my mind I see your face, boy you've got me in a daze You're the one that I choose, we've got nothing to lose My lids rise on my eyes, am I still alive? Or was it only a dream from which I've just rised? Or I suppose you'd classify it as a nightmare At least that's how it seemed to me because you weren't there I don't think I know what I'd do if I woke up And was no longer lying down next to you Probably just light a cigarette and wallow away in the pain Of being on my own, I can't take it But when you came into my life a light lit up And revealed a part of me I didn't even know 'cause Before it was just an empty hole, like a piece was missing And your love was the key that fit my ignition Fire 'er up, let's go for a ride Smash off the rear views, forward we drive And never look back, just turn the sound on And cruise into the sunset singing along to this love song I wanna fly, wanna touch the blue sky Wherever the wind blows, I will follow and I'll go Gonna play to my own rules, gonna smile just like a fool I am young, I am free, I'm where I'm meant to be Yeah girl, it'll be just us soon All we need is love and a few good tunes The last two pieces are the only ones that matter And for all I care the rest of the puzzle can lay in tatters On a Saturday you hear engine clatter as we scatter away Together where you won't see us ever without each other Never sever the sonic symbiotic connection that we share And let us take our leave together, run away without a care I'll never doubt these feelings I know you're the missing piece Doesn't matter where we go In your arms I'll always have a place to call my home Let's run away, just the two of us babe I am yours and you are mine, can't get you off of my mind When I'm with you I belong, when you hold me I am strong Our love's paving the way to a brighter new day


I'm back! And I'm 30.. what the hell happened? I think I may have gotten a little too close to Sin's toxin..

Metaphorically speaking, it's not far from the truth. The last few years have been a whirlwind of ups and (mostly) heavy downs. I've been fighting chronic alcoholism for the last year and a half, and drinking as much for way longer than that. I've been more or less down for the count and unable to do much - the last few years in particular have been a one shitstorm after the next. By the grace of God and the support of my loved ones and my wonderful friends in recovery, I am now living in sobriety. And despite all the bullshit, my life is so much better than it has ever been in nearly a decade and I'm taking steps to heal the damage I've done to everyone and everything around me. The future actually looks pretty decent for a change.

So for those of you reading this, thanks for sticking around and continuing to support and enjoy my music. If you tried to reach out to me or if I inadvertantly did anything to hurt anyone, know that I was extremely sick, and I apologize. My hope now is to keep pushing forward each day and to be able to provide people with joy once again though my music.

I'm happy to present these two tracks as my return to the musical world, and I'm excited to say there is much more on the horizon, so stay tuned!

Many thanks to the lovely Adriana Figueroa for her amazing vocals on 'Last Piece'! Check out her YouTube for more anime and vgm-inspired greatness! www.youtube/adrisaurus

Thanks for listening, and much love - it's good to be back!


released June 6, 2019

Arranged and produced by Drew Wheeler @eastdrewsaga
Lyrics and vocals on track 2 by Adriana Figueroa @AdrianaFigueroa


all rights reserved


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