from by Dr. halc



I'm light on my feet, fit to go high
Volaciously defy the laws of flight
Motherfuckers be lookin' wide eyed and leery
Belief suspended like a string theory
No wings attached, no hooks or clear lines
Beliefs are free, it's all in your mind
So if you're like me, then it wasn't a surprise
When I put out my arms and then I started to fly (uh)

Take a step, we'll catch the updraft
Above the clouds where the raindrops nap
Nimbus bounce, a cirro-stratus rhythm
Cumulus chillin', in freefall we thrillin'
Fit to fly is just a state of mind
No brooms or lines, just close your eyes
And rise with the wind (ahh), feel the sunshine
And just glide while these rhymes get you higher (uh)

Motherfuckers try to bring me to the ground
But once I've made flight, I ain't comin' down
Relax in first class, a glass of cognac
Turbulence blast invading my flight path
But we on track, clear the clouds in one leap
Rising nose-dive, altitude peak
Astmosphere reached, just breathe (ahh)
Spread your wings out and sing with me




from The Doctor Is IN, released January 19, 2015
Dr. halc - Composer, Producer, Song Writer & Vocalist
Sir J - Additional vocal production



all rights reserved