Such a Lovely Feeling (feat. Sir J)

from by Dr. halc



What up y'all
Tonight I'ma be your MC and your MD, yo
(the Doctor hal-see-eee-eee-eeeee)

Who's feelin down with the sickness?
An empty dance floor 'bout to get fixed
Everybody gather around, yo
'Cuz for the next 40 we gonna all get down
Crank the bass and toke on the weed
It's such a lovely feeling
When you hit the scene to a brand new beat
Prescribed by the Doc, halc
Slap bass, four on the floor
The vaccine, my rhythms are the cure
And if ya still down, I recommend
My trademark all-purpose sick beat treatment
Inject the groove and ya feel it
Pulsate from your head to your feet
And when ya feel fine, come make noise
'Cuz the man Sir J's 'bout to drop the gay voice

Ooh ooh ooh oohooo
Ooh ooh ooooohhhooooooh oooh
It's such a lovely feeling when I hit the
Ooh ooh ooh oohooo
Ooh ooh ooooohhhooooooh oooh
It's such a lovely feeling when I hit the

Dance floor, ooh
Ah-wooh ooh ooh ooohhhoooohhooh
Daaaa-eeence floo-ooh-ohr
Ah-ooh ooh ooh ooh ooooooooooooohhhhh
When you lose control, ooh
Uh, mmm mmm ooooooooohhhhh
It's such a lovely feeling when I hit the

Put on the kicks, and we movin 'our feets
Takin' a spin, groovin' out of our seats
The mood has been set now we lookin' ahead
To the possible greatest moment you could bet on
We got a rhythm that could never be beat
The kind of tune that makes the melody sweet
Yo, the Doctor is in and he's bringing some friends
For the rest of the ride the level will be pushed to the next


So sick, but it ain't a tragedy
You, me, bring the whole family
Family (yeah)
'Cause everybody boogie with the Docta' halc

You don't have to take a sip
You don't have to take a dip
But if you truly feel the music
Bob your head (like this)
We all know just what to do
Let the bass show you the moves
I don't care if you can't sing
But let me hear you chill with us and Doctor Drew
Us and Doctor Drew

Flow so charming, chords and harmony
The light is set just right
So for tonight, we gonna party
I got the fever, got the flu
A sick beat from Doctor Drew
Her, him, me and you
Everybody's groovin' with the Doctor Drew


from The Doctor Is IN, released January 19, 2015
Dr. halc - Composer, Producer, Song Writer & Vocalist (Verse 1 only)
Sir J - Song Writer & Vocalist (All vocals except Verse 1), Live Guitar, Additional Production



all rights reserved