Gravity Ain't No Fun (feat. DiGi Valentine)

from by Dr. halc



I think it's about time to blow this 'ting
Get everybody and their stuff together
Okay, 3, 2, 1, let's float

Come with me, pop on up
You can be part of an exclusive club
See the world from a distance
Pop back down and look back at the stars you're missing
Riding by that meteor herd
Done gave me an idea so perfect
Something no one's ever thought before
Let's turn outer-space into a big dancefloor
Low-G, let your body move free
You can get down without gravity
When in space no one can hear you scream
But the groove runs free like radiant energy
So fly with me, dance so hard you'll see
When your grooving so hard you forget to breathe
Don't let the O2 hold you back, okay?
Come get down with us, gravity's whack anyway

Low gravity, no floor in this place
This is how it feels when your in space
No gravity, yeah you better move
If you're floatin' right-side up, get down to this groove
Low gravity, dance with me
This is how it feels with zero lb's
No gravity, yeah you're gonna move
If you're hangin' right-side down, get up to this groove, c'mon

Spaceship fumes will get you excited
We move fast like a meteor sighting
Everybody dance, the beat can go far
The pretty colors are a courtesy of the quasars
Throw an underground rave in space
Invite the whole universe to this place
One floor where we can all dance together
Even you little ET's with the big heads, yo
Low-G, let your body move free
We welcome all intelligent beings
Invite your friends, grab your first mate
This track is a tractor beam you cant escape
If there's one truth that I know to be sound
It's that when you get your feet on the ground
Gravity just ain't no fun, my friend.
So pop back up, let's do it all again now


Take a leap! (hah!) Feel your body get cosmic
A Sci-Fi space trip, throw away all your logic
Jump to light speed, shards burst in to a pattern
Waltz for Venus, ballerinas. We bebopping on Saturn
Let the light ricochet off your visor display
Jupiter Jazz play the brass as we move this way
Now come on, let's go beyond the Moon at last
And see how the stars feel with the view from Mars
Star shine hitting my retina
Take a toke on Neptune and exhale a whole nebula
The vibe on this is heightening my sensories
I'm bouncing back and forth between galactic energies
Different planetaries but we keep it universal
So whether you're rocking green, blue, yellow, black or purple
you're invited. Get excited
Solar flares get ignited, gravity not provided
Let's go!

[chorus x2]


from The Doctor Is IN, released January 19, 2015
Dr. halc - Composer, Producer, Song Writer & Vocalist (Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus)
DiGi Valentine - Song Writer & Vocalist (Verse 3)



all rights reserved