from by Dr. halc



Rillo, packed tight up like a pillow
A feather soft rester, high as hell nesteru
Cloudhopper, free fall dropper, volāre
Two puffs, a cloud of fresh loud in the air
Stairway to Heaven, 7-11
Another pack of green apple, Funyans and a napkin
A fresh Swisher Sweet, split so neat
This blunt should be displayed for all to see (uh)

Let's get high
Let's get high
Let's get high
Let's get high

You damn straight, that hook was right on
So head to the bedroom and roll up another one
The good's stored in the left drawer second from the top
With the crossed-out cop logo on the knob
Knock knock, man these cocksuckers are typical
I may be chillin like a villian but I ain't no criminal
I can't explain it, some motherfuckers are jaded and tainted, yo
But the jane can help contain it, so


High, high
High, high (lalala la, la)
High, high
High, high



from The Doctor Is IN, released January 19, 2015



all rights reserved