Mad Docta (feat. Jaymyria Etienne)

from by Dr. halc



I'm a mad Docta
The web of my beats caught ya
When dripped on a piece of blotter
With an picture of an orange hog
I'm a mad Docta
Whizzin' around like a booster shot
Leavin' ya seein' polka dots
While you toke away on the loud pot
I'm a mad Docta
Let the feelin' get you hot
For another sick beat
With an odd first digit (ah)
I'm a mad docta
And we on the last spot
So for the hook lets put five quarters in the meter slot

Before you know I've burned three joints
And took these grooves and made 'em conjoined, man
Cigarette? But I don't smoke, yo
Guess I'll just have to take another big toke
(Ahh) What should we do next?
Back to 4/4 for a regular groove, yes?
Yeah, that sounds cool
Join me now on the dancefloor, you drunk fools


I'm a mad Docta (uh uh uh, uhhhh)
I'm a mad Docta (uh uh uh, uhhhh)
I'm a mad Docta (uh uh uh, uhhhh)
I'm a mad Docta (uh uh uh, uhhhh)


Thank you all for listening
The Doctor is officially out for tonight
Thank you to my special guests
DiGi Valentine, Sir J, Jaymie, Detective Tuesday
You guys are fucking awesome

Yeah, yeah, yeah, peace!


from The Doctor Is IN, released January 19, 2015
Dr. halc - Composer, Producer, Song Writer & Vocalist
Jaymyria Etienne - Vocalist
Sir J - Additional Vocal Production



all rights reserved